The Harris Doom WADs

The day was the 20th of April 1999, two teenagers walked into their Columbine High School, and executed their master plan: to kill as many innocent people as they could. Without any remorse, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold, took the lives of 12 other students, and a teacher before committing suicide their self. Due to a number of other school shootings in the US at the time, the events would triggered a wide-ranging debate about the effect of violent entertainment, particularly the video games Doom, and Quake.

This was not the first time that alt-media would be blamed for death; in 1985 English heavy metal band Judas Priest were blamed for the death of two young men, one year later in 1986, a lawsuit against Ozzy Osbourne was filed by the parents of John McCollum, a depressed teenager who committed suicide allegedly after listening to the song "Suicide Solution".

The main reason why Doom, and Quake were blamed for the deaths at Columbine was quite simple - it was because one of the killers enjoyed both of the games. Granted, Doom, and Quake were one of the most successful games of the 90s, so the chances that someone who liked one of the games would commit a crime were quite high, but facts don't matter when a game has unholy imagery in it.

Another way Doom got blamed by the media at the time was due to the fact that Eric Harris was a very big fan for the game. He had owned some of the Doom novels, and had even made his own levels for the game, under the nickname of "RebDoomer". In a videotape he made with Dylan Klebold (now dubbed as The Basement Tapes), Eric Harris expressed his enthusiasm for the planned shooting, saying that it was going to be "like fucking Doom". He also pointed out that the shotgun was "Straight out of Doom". Despite this obsession, neither shooter was involved in the mainstream Doom community on the Web, and their levels, and activities were virtually unknown before the shooting.

Around January of 1999, he wrote a short story for his class, in which he describes Doom from the first person perspective, including gathering up bullets and weapons and witnessing piles of bodies. His Teacher gave him a C+ and wrote; "Yours is a unique approach and your writing works in a gruesome way - good details and mood setting" - the legitimacy of this is somewhat unclear.


U.A.C. LABS running on Crispy Doom version 5.1, with Doom II


ColumbineDOOM2 is quite something to play. When you first start the mod, you are greeted with two people cosplaying as Harris, and Klebold, holding shotguns, complete with t-shirts reading as "WRATH", and "NATURAL SELECTION" (just like the ones worn by the two killers). The aim of the PK3 file isn't very smart, or deep at all, all you do in the mod is go around Columbine High School, and kill students, and teachers.

Even if you ignore the real-life events that inspired the game, the mod itself is quite poorly made, with a lot of bugs like HoM effects, zombie man being placed in weird spots, unable to enter into some parts of the map due to invisible walls, and missing textures. Whenever you kill a human, they make one final scream of pain, as they die, their blood splats /// Look up that one Flash game about the school shootings. The SWF was kicked off Newgrounds by Tom. I think I own a local copy of it. It was also posted to the maker's tumblr ///

ColumbineDOOM2 running on QZDoom version q1.2.1, with Doom II

A WAD That Resembled Columbine High School

As reported The news media has not told or released the entire truth of Eric Harris’ (Littleton bomber) programming of additional DOOM game levels. They HAVE admitted that he created new levels but they never specified what the design was. He apparently designed them to look like various parts of the high school, including the deadly library. Instead of monsters as the targeted characters, he targeted students in his custom made levels. Word is that these levels are starting to be copied and spread.

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Written by Clive "James" Python, 17/09/18